Fractals are defined as geometrical plottings of mathematical formulas that repeat themselves at varying degrees of magnification. Imagine the metaphore of looking at a flea on a larger flea's back. Then imgine a smaller flea on that flea's back. Etc... Makes us think how large we are and also just how small we are. I like to think that fractals are artistic snapshots of chaos.

Awhile ago I recieved a fractal program my friend wrote, and being interested in fractal-like photoshop artwork and filters, I was an instant convert to this artform. There are a plethora of free fractal generating programs out there on the web. Some of my favorites are:

My Fractal Galleries:



New Mandelbulb 3d Fractals:

New XenoDream Fractals:


Mandelbulb 3d Collages:

My most recent fractal art. I have been redering 3d fractals using Mandelbulb 3D. With these, I am combining images in photoshop to express the diversity of forms I have found.


Mandelbulb 3d fractal images:

My first Mandelbulb 3D fractal images.


Xenodream 3d fractal renderings:

Some of my Xenodream renders.


Incendia created 3d fractals:

Another great program out there with lots of possibilities.


My 2d fractals:

They are also available for sale as prints. These are created from a plethora of different wonderful programs. Enjoy.

Here's a sample fractal zoom movie made for youtube.

My first Mandelbulb 3d zoom video:


My second...